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17 January @ 01:57

What is Premium Trading Account

In this blog, we are going to talk about the pros of switching to Inveslo Premium Trading Account. However, it is not an ordinary log in as the trading account is considered a door to another world of special benefits. In other words, when you log in to your Premium account, it’s as if you are getting VIP access to improved features and benefits that can give your trading a real-time boost.

This enhanced account provides you with sophisticated tools, exclusive insights, and benefits that shape your success in the fast-paced environment of trading. Thus, follow us on this revisitation as we dissect the top reasons for upgrading to an account at Inveslo.

What is Premium Trading Account?

A premium account is ideal for experienced traders ready to spend $20,000 or more. This account allows opening large-volume trades. Secondly, the trading environment and instruments are designed to fit your methodology and style of trading.

In this account, you can access pro trading tools and experience an unforgettable lightning-fast execution with improved trading overall. Your best choice is a Premium Account if you believe in your trading skills.

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Account Specifications of a Premium Account at Inveslo

Here, in this section, we will mention the Inveslo trading account specifications of a Premium trading account. So, let’s take a quick. 

Inveslo Premium Account 

$20,000 Minimum Deposit 


Up to 1:200

Trading Platform 

MetaTrader 4 

Account Currency


Maximum Deposit 


Order Execution

Market Execution 


From 0.1

Margin Call 


Stop Out 


Hedge Margin 


Limit & Stop Levels 


Minimum Volume in Lots per Trade 


Step Lot 


Maximum Volume in Lots per Trade 


Maximum Number of Orders 


Maximum Number of Pending Orders 


Trading Instruments 

Majors, Minors, Exotics, Spot Metals, Spot Indices, Spot Energies

Advantages of Premium Trading Account

Some of the benefits associated with Inveslo Premium Trading Account are zero commissions, tight spreads that start from 0.1 pips and high speed trading. Opening a Premium trading account can give you fixed leverage per instrument and transparency. Further, the SWAP-free alternative offers convenience and helps establish an efficient trading opportunity for global traders.

  1. Tight Spread from 0.1 Pips
  2. No Commissions
  3. Ultra-fast Market Execution
  4. Leverage Fixed Per Instrument
  5. No Last-look Pricing
  6. SWAP-free Option Available

01. Tight Spread from 0.1 Pips

At Inveslo, a premium trading account will get you tight spreads that begin at 0.1 pips. That is why when you trade, you get an advantage because the difference between two prices is minimal. It is like gaining a competitive advantage by trading with the best spreads in the market.

This puts you ahead of the game, giving you a greater chance to earn potential gains. With the Premium trading account offered by Inveslo, you’re getting access to the most competitive prices when trading, thus making it easier for you to make money in the financial market.

02. No Commissions

Premium trading account at Inveslo provides a great benefit: No Commissions: This is huge for premium account traders because you can trade financial assets without any undisclosed charges.

What Inveslo does is to be fully transparent and ensure every single trade happens without any extra charge. This simplifies trading and allows premium account holders to take advantage of the potential for increased overall profits. With tranquillity, you can trade because everything is clear and easy. This helps you to pay more attention to intelligent decisions and maximize returns on investment.

03. Ultra-fast Market Execution

The Inveslo Premium Trading account offers a considerable advantage of “Ultra-fast market execution,” which is beneficial to all premium account holders. This feature provides traders with fast trade execution, which in turn further improves their trading experience.

The Premium traders can have direct access to live market quotes. Furthermore, it allows them to make quick intelligent decisions. Inveslo aims to ensure that trade execution is made extremely quickly. This meets the needs of premium traders by providing an advantage, which enables them to catch opportunities and market movements with ease.

This story makes traders feel confident about sailing in the seas of financial markets. It allows them to benefit from the speed and precision of Inveslo’s state-of-the-art trading platform.

04. Leverage Fixed Per Instrument

The Inveslo Premium Trading Account has a unique “Leverage fixed per instrument” benefit, which makes it one of the best options for premium account traders. This allows traders to use leverage up to 1: 200 to open larger positions.

Such an offer enables traders to trade with flexibility and maximize returns. This opportunity facilitates premium account members to enjoy more excessive leverage on every instrument which creates a vibrant trading atmosphere. Do not procrastinate; open up a premium account with Inveslo or upgrade the account you have now to enjoy increased leverage and potential profits.

05. No Last-look Pricing

The special feature of the Inveslo premium trading account is that it grants traders with premium accounts some added benefits. It focuses on efficiency and transparency to make sure that your orders will never be denied. Also, It ensures the safety of trading for users with premium accounts because it guarantees that there is no deviation in price during operation.

This distinct characteristic enhances the trading process and encourages increased trust in it. Inveslo has revealed its concern about the ease of trading and reliability for premium account holders through its reasonable steady price.

06. SWAP-free Option Available

With the help of a SWAP-free feature, Inveslo’s premium trading account gives traders an impressive advantage. This means that any customer with a premium account can trade overnight and hold positions without concerns regarding the additional charges or interest paid. In other words, it does away with interest costs overnight in trading.

This is a unique feature that makes trading better for premium account customers. It gives them more economical flexibility. Through this no-SWAP alternative, Inveslo’s premium SWAG shows its determination to keep trading simple and affordable.

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Opting for or upgrading to a Premium Trading Account worked for traders looking forward to making the most of their finances. The variety of benefits that the particular platform offers proves its attention to empowering traders with Premium trading accounts, such as commission-free trades, instrument-dependent leverage, lightning-speed market execution, and starting from spreads at 0.1 pip.

In addition, trading with a Premium Trading Account in the case of Inveslo is convenient and clear because there are no unpredictable price changes and you can choose options that do not involve switching. The premium account is an ideal solution for traders who seek dependable and efficient trading. Inveslo assists traders in financial gains.